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Frank's Story



His strong focus on substance rooted in history and tradition combined with the beauty of nature makes Chef Frank’s cuisine not just a delicious dining experience, but more like poetry.  With his extensive experience working in top U.S. restaurants and in Europe with Michelin starred restaurants. Chef Frank has traveled the globe observing countless cultures and flavors enriching his palate and pursuing the knowledge of the world’s most passionate chefs.  In a culture where many care about speed and quantity vs. quality, Chef Frank’s goal is to slow things down and let guests take the time to appreciate what they’re eating. It’s an enriching experience of aromas, flavors, textures, fine quality ingredients and presentation.

With a strong focus on fresh, perfect seasonal ingredients Frank’s style is a fusion of all of his diverse experiences. He considers himself a very creative California chef with an open mind as well as a strong understanding of all cuisines. Frank’s approach to cooking has a very strong classic French foundation which has provided him exceptional skills and technique. A well-balanced meal will always be the focus regardless of the style of food being prepared. Using technique and a keen knowledge of food science, Frank focuses on honest food that is not weighed down with cream, butter or unnecessary clutter on the plate. Frank has a strong pedigree in French, Spa, Low Carb, diabetic, California, Italian, German, Pacific Rim and all Mediterranean cuisines. Frank also has a strong understanding of food and wine pairing. Attention to details, an extreme level of urgency, upholding traditions of pride taught to him by many great chefs are all represented on every plate served by Chef Frank no matter how simple or complex. “There is one way…… the correct way!”

Bon Cuisine

Chef Frank Otte